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Children’s Welfare International is a US based 501 (C) (3) non-profit
organization which is also accredited in Liberia as a Non-governmental organization(NGO).

CWI promotes a holistic and collaborative approach to caring for,
protecting and empowering vulnerable children around the world.

Our organization started as a modest grassroots effort to provide a
better and more hopeful future for impoverished, homeless and
orphaned children in the wake of the Second Liberian Civil War.   

We strive to break the cycle of injustice and child poverty by providing a center in Liberia which serves as a safe haven – keeping Liberian
children safely off the streets.  
In Liberia children coming to our center receive school sponsorship,
nutritious residential facility and additional family support services.  

In  the US, CWI continues its mission by providing Educational
enrichment, College preparation,
and Career development services for
low income and under served communities. It takes a village to raise a child.  

For this reason, CWI works collaboratively with local and international
agencies and community leaders to accomplish our mission while promoting community empowerment for sustainable development.  

Youth are at the focus of our efforts as they represent the future.
Vision: To providing a better future for every child
Children's Welfare International
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