Children’s Welfare International (CWI) exists to break
the cycle of injustice and child poverty by addressing the
physical and emotional needs of vulnerable children.  
This includes a community center in Liberia, where children
can go for a variety of services and ultimately, safety from
the streets.  

CWI  started as a modest grassroots effort to provide a
better, more hopeful future for impoverished, homeless,
and orphaned children in the wake of the second Liberian
civil war.

The protracted civil war has left most these children
vulnerable with no security for their future. The fact that an
average Liberian family lives on less than $ 1.00 USD per
day demonstrates the unlikelihood that children regularly
receive balanced, nutritious meals, shelter, and other basic
needs; not to mention tuition, school supplies, and school-
related fees.
In Liberia, children coming to our center receive school
sponsorship, nutritious meals, homework help,
recreational activities, which foster team work and improve
interpersonal skills.

As a result, these children become positive role models and
active contributors within their communities.   
There are future plans to expand - including a
residential facility
and additional family support services.  

In the US, CWI continues its mission by providing educational
enrichment, college preparation
, and career development
for low income and under-served communities.
Since the inception of CWI, we have reached out to many children, helping to meet their basic needs. What began as a
commitment to champion a positive and lasting impact in the lives of children, their families, and communities in Liberia,
has evolved into an international child rights advocacy and humanitarian effort.
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