Children's Welfare International is committed to caring for, protecting and empowering children around the globe.
In demonstration of  our reputation of integrity and transparency we partner and work
collaboratively with  other non-profits organizations, local community groups and state agencies caring for the vulnerable,
impoverished, orphaned children in the war torn regions of West Africa and the under-served communities in the USA.

We simply cannot do this work without people like you, who share our vision for a better future for all children and are willing
to champion the rights and support of vulnerable, impoverished, orphaned, and war experience children.

                                                                     Here are ways you can impact a child’s life:

CWI relies greatly on funding from  individuals like you, other
nonprofit organization, and churches.

Your gift is important to every thing we do because it shows our
vulnerable children that there are people who honestly care about
them in other parts of the world and would like to see them
succeed in life.

As a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, all gifts made to CWI are tax

  • 96.4% of all donations made enables us to provide the
    children with Uniforms, shoes , school supplies and Tuition  
    and  medical assistance

  • the remaining funds are used for administration costs and  
    salaries for our Liberian Staff
Volunteer with us.

Children's Welfare International (CWI) offers numerous ways
for you to extend a helping hand to the neediest children in Africa,
especially those orphans and vulnerable children in Liberia.

You can also volunteer with our
After-school program in Seattle.
For more information regarding volunteering with our After school
click here to fill out an application.

To volunteer with our center in Liberia, email us at
Champion  Our  Cause  

Championing our cause means volunteering in activities which focus
around outreach and fund raising for our programs. This includes
such activities as:

  • being a part of a team inviting friends and colleagues to learn
    about CWI programs

  • hosting an informational event at your home, church or office

  • creating a fund raising event to generate funds for our child
    sponsorship program

  • helping to add friends and colleagues to our e-mail list

  • Pray for us and the conflicts in West Africa

  • Partner with Us

CWI is always ready with sponsorship opportunities and looks forward to partner with organizations and churches that are passionate about helping to break
the cycle of war and poverty in Africa.

To discuss how your organization, Church or group can participate with  
Children’s Welfare International , Contact Sarah Andersen at
Sponsor a child in desperate need.

The child sponsorship program is one our  powerful
approaches  to child development, providing children
with a broader view of the world and educating sponsors
about the political and economic realities sponsored
children face.

This relationship provides both children and their
sponsors with a concrete example of how God works
around the world.

CWI sponsorship program is a lifetime learning process
in which you can share a part of yourself with children
who yearn for attention like any normal child, but do not
have a loving relationship with a biological family.

Children's Welfare International
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