• Child Sponsorship for Education

  • After School Program

  • Meal Program

  • Counseling Services

  • Residential Facility (future)

  • Community Empowerment (Small Business Loan
    program for single mothers) (future)

United States

  • Tutoring / Homework Help

  • College Prep

  • Career Development

  • Life Coaching

  • CWI’s continuing dedication to equality, honesty,
    transparency and ethical practices has enabled us to
    establish and develop lasting relationships with local
    communities, parents, community leaders, state agencies
    and other non-profit organizations.

  • We champion and encourage innovation and openness of

  • We work to cultivate and maintain an environment of
    understanding and tolerance for diversity of religion,
    ethnicity, culture and perspective.

  • Through all of CWI’s interactions and relationships, we
    celebrate the fact that each individual has inherent value
    and deserves respect and human dignity.
Children's Welfare International (CWI) is committed to creating and fostering a wide range of collaborative programs which
produce visibly positive impacts, measurable results, and sustainable change for impoverished & vulnerable children and their
families. We proactively  work to provide the most direct and effective strategies and methods of implementation to ensure a
holistic and lasting relief from poverty of the body, mind and spirit, while promoting the continuing empowerment of each child
we serve.
To help break the cycle of injustice and child poverty in Liberia, CWI offers:
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