CWI sponsorship program is a lifetime learning process in which you can share a part of yourself with
children who yearn for attention like any normal child, but do not have a loving relationship with a
biological family.
The child sponsorship program is one our  powerful approaches  to child development, providing
children with a broader view of the world and educating sponsors about the political and economic
realities sponsored children face.  This relationship provides both children and their sponsors with a
concrete example of how God works around the world.

In this relationship, our focus is to provide each sponsor child the opportunity to
attend school,
receives medical care, clothing, food
and encouragement, including those skills and knowledge
needed to assume adulthood as well as activities that will make the community a better place to live.

Children are waiting
Many needy children are waiting in Liberia for someone like you to become their sponsor.
A monthly support of $ 25.00 or your one time support will help a child regain their hope in life.

What happens if I sponsor a child?
When you sponsor a child, we will send you recent picture of your new child along with a personal
history and a short sketch describing his or her country and culture.

How does my sponsorship fund help a child?
Your sacrifice to sponsor a child gives each sponsor child the opportunity to attend school,
receives medical care, clothing and food.
Their spiritual and emotional future is enriched by the
gift of your prayers and concern.  As a result of this relationship, your life will be change, too.

We encourage you to become a partner with us as we continue the challenge of caring for these
children. Please give a prayerful consideration to becoming a “sponsor” to children who crave for
your support in Liberia. Your help for these children is crucial.
Child Sponsorship
Children's Welfare International
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